Greeting・Official introduction

Message from the President

Message from the President The International Polyurethane Technology Foundation was established in 2014 as Japan's first research grant foundation targeting the polymer chemistry, of which polyurethane is the core part.

Recently, the polyurethane industry is expected to contribute significantly to industrial growth through diverse development. At the same time it has been facing various environmental issues including safety, cleanness, ecology, and energy savings. Therefore, the entire industry must meet social requirements and issues such as global environmental conservation.

Aiming to help researchers engaged in studies in polymer chemistry and related fields with their research activities and thus contribute to academic development, we strive to conduct support activities to help further develop research on polyurethane and foster human resources for future development in the polyurethane industry.

Officers roster

Officers roster Name Position
Trustees Soichi Inoue Chairman & CEO, INOAC Corporation
Trustees Masao Inoue Professor emeritus at University of
Trustees Chuya Kato Professor emeritus at Mie University
Trustees Shinji Inagaki Aichi Institute of Technology
Professor emeritus and Advisor
Trustees Kenji Urayama Professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology
Trustees Takao Hidai Former Director, INOAC Corporation
President Koji Ito Director, INOAC Corporation
Directors Mutsuhisa Furukawa Professor emeritus at Nagasaki University
Representative at Nagasaki Polyurethane
Technology Research Center
and Polyurethane Research Group
Directors Eisuke Yamada Vice-president, Aichi Institute of Technology
Special appointment professor
Directors Hiroshi Uyama Professor at Osaka University
Directors Bungo Ochiai Professor at Yamagata University
Directors Iwao Ishino Professor emeritus at Nagoya University
Directors Kikujou Yamasita Former director at Nagoya Municipal
Industrial Research Institute
Directors Toyohiko Okina President, INOAC Corporation
Directors Kenjiro Miwa Representative Director, INOAC Corporation
Directors Shintaro Ideta Judicial Scrivener
Auditor Kenji Tamazawa Certified Public Accountant
Auditor Keisuke Umemura Certified Public Accountant