Purpose of establishment

Since it was started production of polyurethane foam for the first time in Asia, the uses for polyurethane foam have expanded widely, from Daily items to Logistic, Automotive parts and Information equipment. The polyurethane industry is expected to continue contributing significantly to industrial growth through further development, even as it faces various environmental issues such as safety, cleanness, ecology and energy savings. Therefore, the entire industry needs to meet social requirements and issues such as global environmental conservation.

Against this backdrop, the International Polyurethane Technology Foundation was established with the aim of further development of and human resources development for studies on polyurethane for future growth of the polyurethane industry.


Our goal is to contribute to the growth of the global polymer chemistry field by providing research grants to universities, research institutions and individuals that are engaged in research and development that contribute to the expansion of polyurethane applications, including new technologies for polyurethane, and technologies to reduce polyurethane load on the global environment; fostering human resources for such research; and hosting, co-hosting and supporting research conferences in relation to polyurethane technologies.

Description of activities

  1. Providing research grants
    We provide research grants to universities, research institutions and individuals that are contributing or considered to contribute to the growth and environment-friendly research and development of polyurethane technologies.

  2. Hosting, co-hosting and supporting research forums on polyurethane technologies
    We bear expenses for the International Polyurethane Forum and other conferences for presentation of studies on polyurethane by hosting, co-hosting and supporting them.


Dec 1, 2014: Established International Polyurethane Technology Foundation
May 18–19, 2015: Organized International Polyurethane Forum 2015
Feb, 18, 2016: Sponsorship for Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 17"
Mar, 2016: 1st Research grant
Jun, 2016: Started 2nd Research grant application
Mar 17, 2017: Sponsorship for Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 18"
Mar, 2017: 2nd Research grant
Jun, 2017: Started 3rd Research grant application
Jun 12, 2017: 1st Research grant report presentation
Professor Shuhei Seki, Kyoto University
Professor Akinori Takasu, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Mar 20, 2018: Sponsorship for Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 19"
Mar, 2018: 3rd Research grant
Jun, 2018: Started 4th Research grant application
Aug 30, 2018: 2nd Research grant report presentation
Associate professor Yoshihiro Yamashita, Osaka Seikei College
Associate professor Hiroto Murakami, Nagasaki University
Mar 22, 2019: Sponsorship for Polyurethane Forum, "Think about polyurethane 20"
Mar, 2019: 4th Research grant

Research grant winners list

1st Research grant winners list

2st Research grant winners list

3st Research grant winners list

4st Research grant winners list